Catch Up


It’s been more than a month of Sundays since I last posted anything. I can honestly say, “I’ve been busy”. I have gotten married, bought a house, been promoted, Jeremy has changed jobs, school has started, usual house chores, yard work, birthday parties, wedding reception, baptisms, new church, and now two of our boys are playing football….so there is nothing that leads me to think life will slow down anytime soon, but I love my life, so I take the fast with the slow, and soak in as much as I can. My life has changed so much within the past year, its hard to know where to start with this posting. So much has happened and continues to happen, more good than bad, thanks to the endless blessings from our great God! I am in the process of starting a new position here at work. I am excited yet a little nervous too. This is a new position, so I can’t just follow what someone else did. I have to find out the best way to do this job and make a plan for myself. I am ready for the challenge though. The home life is great. We are settled into the new house for the most part. We still have some painting we want to do, along with building a closet in our bedroom. It will come in time, I am sure. Toby (our beloved dog) is also doing great. He turns 2 this month. It really doesnt seem like its been that long since I got him. If you dont know the story behind Toby, let me give you the short end of it. Toby (aka Tober) was a birthday present to me from Jeremy two years ago. We were trying hard to find a good name for him. So, since he was for my birthday, which is actually in “OctTOBER”, I named him Toby. I tell Jeremy he is like our child together, since we never plan on having one together. School has started back, and so far so good. Cheston’s teacher, Miss Haynes, is a former cheerleading. She has her master’s and seems to have a lot of energy, which she will need for 5th graders. I like her a lot. She responds to email well, and Cheston likes her. He is in a portable this year, which I dont like, but what can you do? Jeremy, Dillon and Cheston were batpized about a month or so ago. That was an amazing blessing to our lives.
I hope all are doing well.
Lots of hugs!

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